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8 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Eryn Woods

EIGHT DAYS Y’ALL!!!   So excited I can hardly stand it.  And we’ve reached the end of our band profiles!  I know these haven’t been the most insightful musical analyses of all time, but hopefully they have given you an idea of who the bands are, what they sound like, and how to tell all the Steampunk bands apart (probably less successful on that account).  I know who I want to see D*Con weekend (Calabrese, Cruxshadows, Freezepop, I: Scintilla, Valentine Wolfe etc.) and, uh, who I don’t want to see.  How is your band list looking for the weekend?

So, onto the last band profile: Eryn Woods, who has an amazing red mohawk.

Look at her!  She’s totally hot.  And her music is totally great.

Ahhhh that was fun and filmed at Dragon*Con and I actually remember seeing them during the parade and being like: “Who are these dumb bitches in dumb clothes just dancing alongside the parade?  They totally suck!”  Now I feel like a total bitch because they were clearly just filming their video, duh.  But those leopard-print leggings are still sort of dumb.  Actually, leggings in general are just dumb–is that trend over yet?

I like the cute squeaky little voice, I totally do.  I’d dance to this so much you guys.

Her face really is quite striking–this is more of a clubby song, but I WOULD STILL DANCE TO IT.

Eryn Woods is great!  According to her Dragon*Con profile her music has been on hilarious MTV/VH1 shows like Jersey Shore and Mob Wives, and she has also performed for (maybe opened for?) ROBYN.  WHO I LOVE.  Need we revisit the “Call Your Girlfriend” phase of my life?  We must, oh yes we must:

Man, Robyn should come to Dragon*Con.

Okay, Eryn Woods talking points:

–Red mohawk

–Pop pixy princess but sort of punk but very squeaky in a good way


Two thumbs WAY UP.  So pleased to end the band profiling on a POSITIVE note!  I hope y’all enjoyed this series–is end means that Dragon*Con is just thatmuchcloser!!!

29 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Freezepop

Freezepop is a Boston-based band who will be playing Dragon*Con on Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 1:30am in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom.  Here’s their Dragon*Con profile.

Freezepop does electropop.  I’m just going to drop in their first paragraph from their Dragon*Con profile, because it explains things better than I can:  “Freezepop has always been something of an oxymoron: embraced by both cool kids and nerds; serious about irony; and retro-futuristic. A synth band in a guitar videogame, singing pop songs about rock. And now their good and evil sides are on full view in a custom-built video player, a collaboration between the band members (who know a thing or two about making cool web stuff) and video director Michael Gill (whose other credits include Amanda Palmer and the Dropkick Murphys).”  The band also describes itself as “”sweet and cold and fruity and plastic-y”.  Sort of like an actual freezepop, get it?

(Is the video game mentioned above happening at Dragon*Con?  I have no idea).

In other news, this band is ADORABLE.  Two adorable dudes, two adorable ladies, wearing adorable clothes and not feeling any need to resort to gothy eye makeup or tattoos or black hair dye or weird piercings or kilts or dulcimers.  I RESPECT THIS GUYS,  this is a refreshing change of pace from the other bands I have profiled so far.  Although they do have a very chic, edgy look about them:

Oh God, guys, look at that keytar.  They sort of have an 80s New Wave look about them, don’t they?

So, how about we listen to some music?

KEYTARS GUYS.  THAT MUSIC VIDEO HAD KEYTARS.  Everything is better with keytars.

SO 80S.  Wasn’t that amazing?  I thought that was amazing.  MORE MUSIC PLEASE.

Shopping about 18 hours a day sounds about right.  I think I might be falling in love with Freezepop y’all.

Yesss I will so White People dance to the music guys.  Freezepop is a total winner.

Talking points:

-Boston-based electropop band with two guys and two girls

–New wave aesthetic, vaguely 80s sound


TWO THUMBS WAAAAAAAY UP GUYS.  LET US ALL GO TO THE FREEZEPOP PARTY.  1:30am on Saturday (Sunday morning) in the Marriott Atrium.  Let us see if I can stay up that late!