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On Not Attending Dragon Con This Year.

A large reason why things have been quiet blog-wise is because I am not attending Dragon Con this year (yes, they have lost the asterisk,  read more about that here if you are interested).   I know, I know, this is the worst.  This decision is a combination of finances and schedule.  The finances issue is part lack thereof, part my trying to get a reasonable amount of savings in order for both general emergency purposes and Honeymoon 2014.  The schedule has to due with the Jewish High Holidays being crazy early this year, September 4-6 for Rosh Hashanah, September 13-14 for Yom Kippur, and also my not being able to take off work for Dragon Con *and* the High Holidays in the weeks before CenterFest.  The combination of all these things has led me to make the responsible adult decision (boo) to not go to Dragon Con.

Naturally I am bummed out by this, and I’ve been even more bummed out recently since Comic Con just happened in San Diego, and since my Facebook feed is aflutter with Dragon Con costume-preparation statuses, and since I just got the Dragon Con 2013 progress report.  I mean, I know in the end that this is the correct decision–my wallet and my sanity will thank me–but the past 4 summers I have looked forward to Dragon Con, and it just feels off to not have that this summer.

To compensate I’m going to endeavor to check out some smaller, local conventions this fall–namely the Escapist Expo and NC Comic Con.  NC Comic Con is having a film festival at the Carolina Theatre (my favorite) and they are showing awesome movies, like The Crow, so of course I am there.  Hoping these two local cons, and also Halloween, can help me get my costume uber-nerd fix.

In the meantime, here are some photos I have been meaning to post.  I have Carolina Theatre connections through work, and in March I got an invite to the early-premiere of the first episode of this season of Game of Thrones.  HBO came in, rented out the theater, provided swag, and had a little photo booth.  Of course I pulled out my Melisandre costume, because when else am I going to wear it?  Made for some fabulous photos at the Iron Throne green screen photo booth:


032713_HBOGoT_183 copy


032713_HBOGoT_162 copy

032713_HBOGoT_182 copy

The last photo is of Nancy and me–Nancy made the dress, it was fun to hang out with her in a non-sewing studio setting!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we set a wedding date (yay!)–June 22nd, 2014, in Sarasota, Florida.  So, you know, I do have something for which to plan!


Saturday at Dragon*Con 2011, Part II, Glowsticks and Glitter

So after showering, changing, semi-napping, spending a few hours watching Dragon*Con TV and then putting my Melisandre costume back on I headed out to the Marriott for the 4:30 Game of Thrones photoshoot.  Jon and Marc decided to attend the 4:00 Star Trek: The Next Generation panel with Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden and Wil Wheaton.  I saw Brent Spiner last year and had seen Wil Wheaton the day before–don’t get me wrong, Dr. Crusher is great and all, but I really wanted to meet some like-minded George R.R. Martin fans.  Also, remind me to tell you my friend’s Brent Spiner story one day.

The shoot was held on the 10th floor of the Marriott, a big, loungey space with plentiful windows and natural light.

House Banners

A ton of Game of Thrones costumers showed up, representatives from many houses, and we had a fairly long photoshoot with many “reenactments” of scenes from the books and the HBO shows.  I’ll try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible.

Melisandre's with Stannis Baratheon's Banner


Saturday at Dragon*Con 2011, Part I, Parades and Skulls

So I forgot to post this picture last night, but I figured I should do it because we are watching Dr. Who now and look guys, TARDIS.  This happened on Friday night, outside the Zombie Prom.

Anyways, onto Saturday!

So since Saturday was long and more or less divided into two parts (parade and then later) I’ll be writing two posts for Saturday.  I woke up waaaay too early for Dragon*Con to get dressed and into my Melisandre costume and hustle the fifteen or so minute walk over to the park where the parade was lining up.  We had to be there by 9:45 and I strolled in around 9:30 I’d say, so not too shabby.  On my way out of the Sheraton I ran into Svetlana of Kamui Cosplay.  She’s a German cosplayer who primarily does World of Warcraft costumes and whose tutorials have been invaluable to Jon.  I was way too excited to meet her and snapped a quick picture of her and her husband, Benni.  Svetlana seemed surprised that I recognized her out of costume, but she does all her video tutorials out of costume, so it isn’t that weird.

I was a little worried I’d get lost going to the parade but soon hooked up with two extremely sparkly Pink Lanterns who were on their way to the parade.  By the way, why did I never before know that Lanterns can be many colors besides yellow and green?  I guess I am showing my general ignorance of comic book lore, sigh.

The parade had 42 (I believe) groups spanning all aspects of fan-dom: Tolkien, Wheel of Time, Dr. Who, videogames, internet memes, animation, anime, Marvel superheroes, DC superheroes, Star Wars, Star Trek, an actual marching band or two, a few groups of LARPers (Live Action Role-Players) who staged combat, lots of vehicles including numerous Ghostbuster mobiles…you name it, it was probably there.  The only negative about being in the parade is not getting to see the parade!