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My Birthday Dinner

So The Amateur Gourmet (who I love) posted the birthday dinner he made for his man, and it is pretty much what I plan on having for my birthday.  I know, this is really intense planning, but something about the recipes and his description made me want it like whoa.

I’ll be having this lasagna, and I’ll be having this cake.

Now I know what y’all are thinking: what can I do for the Dilettantista for her birthday?  Well, that’s SUPER easy!  Y’all should go like my new Facebook page and then you should go follow me on Twitter.   See, look how happy you’ve made me!  Easiest and most inexpensive birthday present EVER!

I’ll do one more birthday post tomorrow, for my birthday proper, and then I’ll stop talking about my damn birthday so much.

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...
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PS: Someone tell the Amateur Gourmet to be my new bestie.  Thanks!

Birthday Month!

Hey guys, guess what?!  It is March, which means it is my birthday month!

You can listen to that song to get in the mood.

My birthday is in 10 days!  I’m excited for many things.  Like cake!

If the cake is a lie I will cut a bitch, seriously.

Also, balloons!

English: Toy balloons Русский: Воздушные шарики
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I really love balloons.  Especially balloons on sticks.

Also, feeling special for a whole day!  My birthday is on a Saturday this year too, that is the best day to have a birthday!

Queen's Official Birthday parade 2007
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That’s how I’m gonna feel on my birthday.  Totally.

Anyways, I’ll be posting about vaguely birthday-themed things leading up to THE DAY.  And also maybe I’ll post about awesome things that happened during my birth year so we can time travel to 1985 and all its glory.

So that’s that.  Happy March everyone!