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Leap Day

Did y’all see last week’s 30 Rock? (If not watch it here, do it).

I am all about fake holidays that people make real, like Festivus, which a number of boys from my high school graduating class celebrate yearly at an Olive Garden.  The last 30 Rock proposed a Leap Day that is way more awesome than any Leap Day I have ever experienced.  Here are the traditions that were established by 30 Rock‘s Leap Day episode.

1)  You have to wear blue and yellow.  Obnoxious people will pinch or poke or kick you, like jerks do on St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t wear green (I don’t own much green, get over it!) but luckily I am not obnoxious.  I don’t own much yellow, however, so I totally ran out to Target tonight and bought a yellow scarf. I’ll be rockin’ some old-school Pine View colors tomorrow y’all!

2)  Eat rhubarb.  I might not do this part.