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50 Days to Dragon*Con Part II

Hahaha just kidding guys, I’m not really going to do another 50 Days to Dragon*Con Countdown (even though I sort of want to) mostly because I am still not 100% sure I am going Dragon*Con (even though I really want to, sniff).  Still, if you want to go ahead and re-read all my other 50 Days to Dragon*Con posts, please be my guest.  You can reminisce about all the things you were anticipating this time last year that have now actually come to pass!  Like the Game of Thrones HBO series (AND NEW BOOK!), and Tron: Legacy, and the last Harry Potter movie and also the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie–wait, no one cared about that, and I certainly didn’t see it.  Anyways, indeed, today it is officially 50 Days to Dragon*Con.  Time flies, y’all.

We lost our self-respect while making this movie and are currently in the jungle trying to track it down.

You know what else today is?  Today is Patrick Stewart’s birthday.  Patrick Stewart is awesome, I talked to him some my first Dragon*Con, he (and Jean-Luc Picard duh), was the subject of a number of 50 Days to Dragon*Con posts.  He’s the best.  Let us celebrate this day in Patrick Stewart’s life by watching him talk about naked ladies.

Oh and you know, there’s another special birthday today!  It is Harrison Ford’s birthday guys!  He sure is sexy, all running around as Han Solo and Indiana Jones and such.  How about we  celebrate by watching a clever/obvious/clever-obvious montage of Indiana Jones whip scenes set to Devo’s “Whip It”?

Happy Birthday, you fine specimens of men, you.