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Durham Does Mardi Gras

Tonight Durham had its first (hopefully annual) Mardi Gras parade (and celebration!)!

The Bull in the plaza downtown got decked out for it.

I actually really love Mardi Gras.  I like big commotions and shiny things and excuses to dress up and have fun.  I’ve even been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans twice, I had a friend that went to Tulane and I made sure to take advantage.  HERE ARE SOME PICTURES:

Ah, youth! Okay, nostalgia trip over!

So like I said, Durham got really into Mardi Gras this year!  And I was all about it! After work Jon and I headed to the Fullsteam/Motorco area, where parties were starting and where a million food trucks were lined up.  And by a million I mean like seven but WHATEVER GUYS, Fat Tuesday means that the short rib quesadilla and duck fat tots from Ko Kyu food truck (I wrote about it in this post from last summer)  are 100% justified.  Jon and I hung at Fullsteam a bit, eating our food truck food and drinking some Fullsteam beer.  Well, I don’t like beer, so he drank the beer.

ALSO, Fullsteam had several King Cakes for the taking.  King Cakes, for those of you who don’t know, are these danish-tasting, sugary concoctions with icing in the shade of Mardi Gras colors and also some sprinkles.  Each King Cake has a little plastic baby in it, and if you get the baby you win luck and fortune and good things.  So Fullsteam had a bunch of King Cakes cut up and you could just take a piece. And guess what y’all, I GOT THE DAMN BABY:

I got the baby!

I mean I don’t even like King Cake, guys, I really just grabbed a slice at random to see if I could maybe get the baby (heh, that rhymes) and I totally got the baby.  Because I got the baby I won a pint of Fullsteam beer, which I naturally gave to Jon because I don’t drink beer.  Anyways, not a bad way to kick off the Mardi Gras evening!

We walked from Fullsteam over to the plaza in downtown Durham with the big awesome bull and its giant balls (I love this statue), where people were massing for a Mardi Gras parade that would be led by the Bulltown Strutters, a sort of paradey band with lots of brass and drums and like, good things.  I’m not entirely sure how to describe them but they were really, really, really good.  The parade was set to start at 7:00, and by quarter til the plaza was starting to fill up.

I wanted her wings.


Saturday at Dragon*Con 2011, Part I, Parades and Skulls

So I forgot to post this picture last night, but I figured I should do it because we are watching Dr. Who now and look guys, TARDIS.  This happened on Friday night, outside the Zombie Prom.

Anyways, onto Saturday!

So since Saturday was long and more or less divided into two parts (parade and then later) I’ll be writing two posts for Saturday.  I woke up waaaay too early for Dragon*Con to get dressed and into my Melisandre costume and hustle the fifteen or so minute walk over to the park where the parade was lining up.  We had to be there by 9:45 and I strolled in around 9:30 I’d say, so not too shabby.  On my way out of the Sheraton I ran into Svetlana of Kamui Cosplay.  She’s a German cosplayer who primarily does World of Warcraft costumes and whose tutorials have been invaluable to Jon.  I was way too excited to meet her and snapped a quick picture of her and her husband, Benni.  Svetlana seemed surprised that I recognized her out of costume, but she does all her video tutorials out of costume, so it isn’t that weird.

I was a little worried I’d get lost going to the parade but soon hooked up with two extremely sparkly Pink Lanterns who were on their way to the parade.  By the way, why did I never before know that Lanterns can be many colors besides yellow and green?  I guess I am showing my general ignorance of comic book lore, sigh.

The parade had 42 (I believe) groups spanning all aspects of fan-dom: Tolkien, Wheel of Time, Dr. Who, videogames, internet memes, animation, anime, Marvel superheroes, DC superheroes, Star Wars, Star Trek, an actual marching band or two, a few groups of LARPers (Live Action Role-Players) who staged combat, lots of vehicles including numerous Ghostbuster mobiles…you name it, it was probably there.  The only negative about being in the parade is not getting to see the parade!