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Terribly Tasty Tuesdays: A Halloween Menu

So I’m trying to figure out my Halloween menu for my party this weekend.  This is what I have in mind thus far:

For my main, I’m planning on making this baked pasta dish from Martha Stewart.  So fun and fall and festive!

Also from Martha (duh) are these great savory pumpkin puffs.  They look easy to customize, so I might make some sweet ones as well.

Jon’s planning on making little meatballs (recipe not yet determined) and if I don’t serve mini pigs in blankets my party guests will revolt.

We have black and orange tortilla chips (we found them at Target!) and will have salsa and guacamole of course.  Jon makes some killer deviled eggs, I’m going to see if he can customize them Martha style.

I’m still trying to figure out my dessert.  Maybe the bootiful cakeSome cupcakes?  I made this graveyard pudding cake last Halloween, it is one of my mother’s standards:

So um, my mom’s version definitely looks better (I decorate cakes with all the talent of a blind five-year old), but mine tasted just fine.  If anyone has any dessert ideas please let me know!  We’re less than one week until the happy day!

Terribly Tasty Tuesdays: Cute Food for a Cute Kitty

This post is inspired by a new addition in my life:

That’s Minion!  He’s my new adorable baby black kitty and Dexter‘s little brother.  He’s tiny, barely three months old, and he’s very squeaky.  He and Dexter aren’t best friends yet but they can chill peacefully in the same space and are extremely interested in each other.  I’m hoping that they become best kitty buddies soon.

Anyways!  Because we have a new critter in the household I figured that today’s foodie post would be about cute food that looks like cutesy and creepy Halloween creatures.


Terribly Tasty Tuesdays: Cocktails and Starters

What kind of Halloween party do you like to throw (what, you aren’t throwing a Halloween party?  What’s wrong with you?)?  My Halloween party, like most of my social gatherings, is chock full of food.  What can I say, I’m a Jew; if there aren’t tons of leftovers after a party then it was a total failure.

A party isn’t a party without lots of finger foods and cocktails, and I’ve found some great, spooky-themed ones for you:

Zombie cocktails from Serious Eats.

The Jack-O-Lantern, a pumpkin-infused cocktail for grown-ups, from The Kitchn.

Vampire Blood Martini from the Kitchn.

Mauled Apple Cider from Martha Stewart (not just for Martha Mondays!).

Red Sangria from Martha Stewart.

Vampire Kiss Martini from the Food Network (I know, it is Sandra Lee, but look at the teeth!)