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Wicked Wacky Wednesdays: Making Halloween Last for as Long as Possible!

Halloween only comes once a year, so I try to cram as many Halloween-related activities into the weeks surrounding the holiday as possible. Luckily the weekend before Halloween (I guess, in reality, the weekend before the weekend before Halloween) was filled with spooky activities.

On Friday night the Scrap Exchange, which is still doing awesomely in its new space at Golden Belt, opened the exhibit An Offering: La Ofrenda.  The exhibit is a series of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altars created by Durham artistic community members.  The exhibit, which runs until November 12th, is meant to be collaborative, people can bring photos and mementos of loved ones to add to the altars throughout the show.  Some of the altars are quite beautiful and moving.

Saturday we threw on our best stage blood and joined the undead at the Raleigh Zombie Walk.  While it was not the best-organized event of all time, it was pretty fun.  Approximately 200 zombies clustered around the acorn at Moore Square and at 7:00 we started lurching around downtown Raleigh.  I’m not sure what route we took (I don’t know downtown Raleigh all that well) but I know we went by the Capitol Building where we saw some Occupiers (who looked a little worse than we did, eek!) and we also shambled past Beasley’s Chicken and Honey on Martin Street.

Jon and I in our zombie gear.


Wicked Wacky Wednesdays: The Blood Moon Festival

On Friday I went to the Blood Moon Festival in Carrboro.  I know, this isn’t a Halloweenspecific activity, but it is an October, harvest-moon specific activity and the term “blood moon” is hilarious.  I wish they’d just called it a harvest moon, because blood moon makes me think of periods (I know, I’m mature) and Jon and I spent most of the evening calling it the “moon blood” festival because every epic fantasy/medieval book uses the term “moon blood” too much.  Like, “her moon blood was upon her” and it is just ridiculous.

So I went to the Carrboro Moon Blood Blood Moon festival, which took place in three areas around Carrboro and had music and performances and food and vendors.  It was, from what I can tell, sponsored by Southern Rail, which is where Jon and I spent most of our evening.  The whole even had a “circus” theme to it.  Circuses can be totally freaky and scary and Halloween-appropriate.  When my parties get bigger and better and more Martha Stewart, and when I have more money with which to fund them, I am totally going to do a haunted circus theme.

Image from moviegoods.com.

Anyways, we went to the festival primarily to see Jon’s friend and coworker Kate, who was performing with an aerial dance troupe (I imagine it is this one).  She was really good!  We only saw her on the fabric (evidently she did trapeze earlier in the evening) but it was really neat to see.  Yay Kate!


Wicked Wacky Wednesdays: My Irrational Fear of The Exorcist

When I was nine (I realize I started to develop all of my unusual tendencies and likes when I was around nine or ten) I started hanging around the part of the library at my school that probably shouldn’t have existed, considering the school ran from grades 2 through 12.  The library had a fairly well-stocked section of books on witchcraft, the Occult, the history of Halloween, and general spooky things that third graders probably shouldn’t read.

This is totally appropriate reading for a nine-year old.

I learned a lot of general factoids about the Salem Witch Trials and the history of witchcraft and random Occult-y facts that year, and I also found a lot of random stone pendants and wore them on long chains, because I was cool and stones had spirit energy and all that.

Near this witchcraft and Occult section of my public school library was an equally odd section on horror and science fiction films.  One of the books was about horror film makeup, and since I was nine I naturally thought that this was cool.  I picked it up and started flipping through it, and read about all these old films like Dracula and Phantom of the Opera and Frankenstein and how they did the monster makeup.

And then I turned to a full-page spread of this:


Wicked Wacky Wednesdays: Halloweens Past

I was always a little relieved that we did not celebrate Christmas because my mother is a collector, and I know that the tree ornament collection would have been mind boggling.  Have you seen all the iterations on Christmas tree ornaments?!  There was this wonderful little store on Main Street in Sarasota, Florida (my home town) that was run by two wonderful gay men; while they carried all sorts of fun and homey stuff they had this amazing collection of really sparkly, gay, funny Christmas ornaments.  A gay Christmas tree guys!  You could even have a gay Christmas tree.  With feathers.   We even had some family friends that had four separate Christmas trees, each with a different theme, one always devoted to the Florida Gators.  Clearly ornament collecting and tree decorating is not for the faint of heart.

I believe this is from Katherine's Collection and it is astounding; a sparkly, Mardi Gras merman? YES PLEASE.
And these are also, I think, from Katherine's Collection. Fat, sparkly, consumer mermaids? Best Christmas tree EVER.

My theory is that because my family is Jewish and decorating for Christmas was out of the question, we went gung-ho for Halloween.