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13 Days to Dragon*Con: On Missing Your Cat


Happy Friday everyone!  This is going to be a brief post, about small, fuzzy animals, and how they can bring us together at Con!  I love meeting new people, and it is so easy to do that at Dragon*Con, and nothing breaks the ice better than “I HAVE A SMALL FUZZY CREATURE THAT I LOVE DO YOU?”

So last Dragon*Con, on Sunday night, I had a conversation with a girl in a Baroness costume about how much we missed our cats.

So that’s the Baroness and me.

And that is us looking at cat pictures.

The Baroness and I both agreed that the one negative about Dragon*Con was that we couldn’t take our cats with us.  At the time Jon and I only had one cat, Dexter, but now we have two kitties!  Behold:

Black kitties!  Such good costume props, right?!

Do you miss your pets when you’re at Dragon*Con, at 2:00am in the morning when you are drunkish and someone has spilled booze on your costume?  Because sometimes when that happens all I want to do is snuggle with a kitty!


Things I Will Miss if SOPA Actually Happens

So I’m not good at understanding legal stuff, but I think I have a basic comprehension of this SOPA/PIPA grossness.  I’m sure you do too.  I hope you’ve taken some time today to contact your Congress people about it.  Wikipedia has a handy-dandy thing where you can put in your zip code and it will give you all the contact information for your area.  I used it earlier today, it was a good thing.

So, rather than tell you about SOPA, because everyone is probably telling you about SOPA, I’m going to show you some of the awesome things on the internet that I will TOTALLY MISS if SOPA actually happens.  I will miss these things because they will become illegal, and that would be terrible.





This amazing Mad Men image.


Downton Abbeyoncé.


Hey girl.  I like the library tooHey girl, art.  And any variation of Ryan Gosling meme.



So that’s just a small gathering of stuff that is awesome that would disappear if SOPA happened.  The internet is full of good, guys.  Let us not ruin it, am I right?

What would you miss, if SOPA actually (ungh, terror of terrors) came to pass?