Brief break from the files.

I am currently slogging through a ton of files pertaining to drawings by e.e. cummings that contain minimal information, which is frustrating.  I am entering the same data for each file, so I needed a brief break.  Also, I was advised by Jon, who knows about blogs, to post a bit more often to up my daily blog hits.   So I figured I’d link to this article I saw in the NYTimes yesterday:

No one reads plays anymore, which is a shame.

I was lucky enough to have seen most of the best new play Tony award winners from the past few years, and those I did not see I read.  I hve a decent amount of plays on my bookshelves, and absolutely love reading them–all dialogue, and you can block the scenes in your head, terrific.  The article provides lovely reasoning as to why one should read plays.

Allright, back to e.e. cummings.

One thought on “Brief break from the files.

  1. I did not know e.e. cummings painted as well as wrote. What a guy…”up so many floating bells down” or something like that.

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