47 Days to Dragon*Con: Shatner of the Mount

Okay y’all, this is one of my favorites.  I first saw this at last year’s D*Con while waiting for the Shatner/Nimoy panel to start.  In order to entertain the rabid, hot, hungry fanbase before large panels, the D*Con crew projects fun little videos and tidbits and dorky Q&As on big screens.  One of the tidbits was this masterful creation by the group Fall on Your Sword:

Okay so evidently in the fifth Star Trek movie, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (admission: I haven’t really seen much of the original series or many of the movies featuring actors from the original series, no not even KAAAAAHN and not the one with the whales either, sorry.  Star Trek: First Contact was on AMC today and I totally watched it and that is the best movie especially when Data is all RESISTANCE IS FUTILE and he smashes the warp core or whatever and kills the Borg Queen that is so awesome) the entire crew is on leave and Captain Kirk is hiking and and camping and said hiking and camping involves climbing a mountain.  So why is Captain Kirk climbing a mountain?  Because he’s in love, duh.

I mean, clearly, this is a moment of true Shatner philosophical greatness.  Like, if one applied this theory to life, one could succeed at all things.   One could climb that mountain.  That mountain.

But in reality, all of you will now have this song stuck in your heads for the next week or so.  May it inspire you to hug the mountain, to envelop that mountain, because you know–you know–you want to make love to that mountain.

Because the climb…is going…where no man has gone before.

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