39 Days to Dragon*Con: Oh, Sookie

Hi guys!  This week is going to have a lot of MUSIC VIDEOS, because we all love MUSIC VIDEOS.  So this will be pretty great, I think.

Since it is Sunday, the day of the True Blood, we will start with this brilliant tribute, courtesy of Snoop Dogg:

How amazing is that?!  Snoop Dogg loves True Blood so much that he writes a song about it!  Okay, so maybe he loves Sookie Stackhouse/Anna Paquin, but whatever, same difference. This video is bangin’ y’all: the actual True Blood set, dancing Merlottes waitresses, vampy video vixens (alliteration!).   Also, TRU NUTZ.  AMAZING.  Seriously, package that NOW.  And how about those lyrics?!  Let us analyze the perfection:

What’s happenin’ Sookie
It’s Snoop Dogg
I’m only in Bon Temps for one day
Come close baby
I’m the Dogg that don’t bite
Woof, woof

See, here Snoop Dogg is saying that he has minimal time to spare, and that he will not bite like a dog (Sam/Alcide) or a vampire (Bill/Eric).  Although, Sookie seems to have an attraction to supes, so maybe he should play up some of his skillz.

So hop in my jet
Try to read my mind
You might get wet
Choose big or lose big
I know all the spots
Then order you a gin and juice at Merlotte’s

Check the subtle metaphors, y’all.

See Sookie
You should come try some of this
You know I get more pussy than your brother
Oh yeah and bring a friend
Matter fact bring your best friend, Tara
I got some real eggs for her to eat
And these eggs come with a whole lot of cheese and grits

And check the references to the show!  Snoop Dogg is a bigger pimp than Jason (fact)!  Tara likes eggs, get it?!  Oh Snoop Dogg, you’re so clever.

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