Tarts making tarts.

You would think that being unemployed and on the job search with minimal things to do would be conducive to blogging, but it isn’t.  I don’t do much more than cook and watch episodes of True Blood/Firefly/Star Trek: The Next Generation and none of you really want to read about that.  Well, maybe you want to read about the cooking.

The other day (Wednesday?) Jon and I decided to use up that which was in our respective refrigerators.  So that involved making pasta (mine) with the various ingredients such as cheese (Jon’s), tomato sauce (Jon’s), spinach (mine), and onion (mine).  Also, tons of garlic.  The result was whole wheat pasta with tons of garlic and spinach and onions and tomato sauce all mixed together.  Surprisingly tasty, for a thrown-together ordeal.



I also needed a way to kill the second puff pastry that was hanging out in my freezer.  Jon wanted peach tart, so a peach tart I was to make.  Luckily all I really needed was peaches, since peach tarts are hella easy y’all.

I sort of followed a recipe.  Well, not really.  I took bits of this recipe and this recipe and this recipe and then ended up disregarding them all and just sort of dumped three wedged peaches in a bowl with a ton of brown sugar and cinnamon sugar and vanilla extract and a little bit of flour.  And then I mixed all of these ingredients together until it smelled like happiness.  Then I sort of arrayed the peaches on the puff pastry and stuck it all in the oven.  And crossed my fingers.



The peach tart was fine, of course, easy, excellent, mm peaches and sugar and pastry.  The issue was the mixing liquid I poured over the peaches.  The bottom of the mixing bowl was filled with a lovely layer of peach juice and sugar and I decided to dump it on top of the peach tart.  Unfortunately, during baking, the liquid fled the tart and made a charred pile around the puff pastry.  Not a total disaster, since I was baking on a piece of parchment paper, but still, a little messy.


I’ve come to really love fruit desserts as of late.  Maybe a new trend?

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