36 Hours in New York City: The HBO Store and Rockefeller Plaza

I know guys, what touristy locations!!!  Who am I, going to these touristy places?  Well, here’s my story.

After breakfast at the Breslin, as detailed in my last post, we decided to walk over to Times Square to see if there were any good matinees available at TKTS, and also to visit my sister who was rehearsing for a show at the Broadway Dance Center.

We were strolling along 6th Avenue when we passed the HBO store, which is right by Bryant Park and across the street from the Museum of the  International Center of Photography.  There was a big Game of Thrones display in the front window, so we decided to poke our heads into the store just because.  And this is what we saw:

GUYSSSS.  That is the very costume that Melisandre wears in her first appearance on Game of Thrones.  THE VERY ONE.  And since I am remaking my Melisandre costume from last year I totally went nuts and took a bazillion photographs because OH MY LORD guys, the costume was right there. (Don’t worry, I won’t show you them all).

Anyways, check out that necklace:

I took pictures of the other costumes as well: they had Jon Snow’s Night’s Watch uniform, Dany’s Dothraki garb, and one of Cersei’s court gowns.  They also had some fantastic props from the show.

Robert Baratheon‘s Crown
Renly’s Armor
Hand of the King Pin
Dany’s dragon eggs

So that was pretty amazing.  After geeking out we headed over to TKTS–None of the show options pleased us, so we moved along.  We watched my sister’s dance rehearsal for a bit, and then we decided to walk uptown to the MoMA.  I have a friend who works at the museum and she’d left me some free tickets (whee!)  On our way we passed Rockefeller Plaza, which still had its adorable and floral Easter display up.

And then, because I was in a touristy mood, I decided to take Jon into the Lego Store, which has some truly amazing displays including Lego recreations of the murals in the buildings around Rockefeller Plaza.  We also had a brief discussion regarding purchasing this Super Star Destroyer set, but we decided against it.  Oh well.

I’ll tell you about what we saw at the MoMA tomorrow.  If you want to see more pictures from the Game of Thrones exhibits at the HBO store, check out this link!

11 thoughts on “36 Hours in New York City: The HBO Store and Rockefeller Plaza

  1. I know you don’t want to post all bajlliion pictures of Melisandre’s dress, but do you think I might get them in an email? I would love to make her costume for this year’s Dragon*Con, but it is SO HARD to find full-length front and back pictures of the thing!

      1. Okay, well, that’s just WEIRD! Thanks for the tip — maybe I’ll run into you around the Triangle, and I’ll certainly have to find you in Atlanta! (I direct the Anne McCaffrey fan track, so you’re welcome to swing by and introduce yourself any time!)

      2. I know so crazy right?! She’s a Game of Thrones costumer as well, I met her VERY briefly at one of the photoshoots last year, but we connected via the Game of Thrones group because I needed someone to make that CRAZY necklace for me. Luckily Valerie saw my plea and volunteered, bless her. Valerie and I discovered we have a weird connection in that we both have degrees from the University of Florida (I went there for undergrad, she did some graduate studies there).

        I have a local seamstress (Nancy Hulbert of Hemlock Emporium) who makes all my costumes for me. I’m really good when it comes to hair and makeup, but sewing has never been my strong suit. I met Nancy through the Steampunk Davenport Sisters, she used to keep her studio at Emma’s store in Pittsboro. There is a lovely, tight-knit nerd community here. I don’t often partake intensely (work keeps me pretty busy!) but I know it is always there for me when I need it! Dragon*Con Track director sounds fancy and like a lot of work, I’ve never stopped by the Pern Track (I read a lot of the books when I was younger) but I might have to this year to say hello to you and to Valerie and so that Valerie can get some photos of the necklace as part of the complete costume. I don’t stick to a particular track (although I do spend a lot of time in Star Trek land, go figure), but you can usually find me in my Blind Mag costume at some point throughout the Con, although this year I’ll have the screen accurate Melisandre and I’m really hoping to make a stylized GLaDoS from Portal costume happen too! We’ll see. Last year was my first year marching in the parade (with the Game of Thrones group), but I’m taking this year off because a) wow, it was hot and b) it is my turn to film my boyfriend in the parade, if he ever gets his Warhammer 40K Dark Eldar costume happening!

        Anyways, yay, I’m glad you found my blog and commented! Is it Dragon*Con yet?!

  2. I know this is a bit of a mad request, But, I’m in the UK and having a lot of trouble finding good photos of Melisandre’s red dress as I am wanting to Cosplay her. Please please please could you email me photos of the dress from different angels? What is it made out of? Any info would really really help!

    1. Hi Laura–I have lots of other posts with photos of the dress, most of them tagged as Dragon*Con, Game of Thrones, or Melisandre.

      The material my seamstress used was crinkle silk chiffon. We think it is the same material from which the dress was made. The underlayer was just a basic polyester nylon thinger, but we made the overlayer from the crinkle silk chiffon.

      Hope that helps!

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