11 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Aurelio Voltaire

Does anyone not know who Voltaire is?  I mean, anyone reading this Dragon*Con countdown?  I feel like Voltaire is one of those Dragon*Con staples, like the Crüxshadows, or Emerald Rose.  He’s sort of a folksy-macabre-storyteller singer (and he also does movies and comics and TV and toys, he’s pretty busy).  I guess, to me, he’s sort of like Marc Gunn in that I can see his appeal, but I don’t really get it?  I went to Voltaire’s show in 2010 and it was certainly entertaining enough, he’s very charismatic and puts on a great live show, but I wasn’t inspired to go out and buy a CD afterward.  But props to him for having a great stage name (shout out to 10th grade English!), and great website image  (on a flaming unicorn!) and also for being Cuban American. Diversity in the house, right?  I feel like most of the previous bands I’ve profiled have been extremely white.  Also, why is there no Dragon*Con hip hop group?  This is Atlanta, how has no one crossed into sci-fi hip hop yet?  That’d be amazing.

Also, I like his top hat.  Top hats are cool.

Music time!

Everyone knows the “Brains!” song, right?

So this song is called “Riding a Black Unicorn,” which is a wonderful song title, truly.   Actually, I sort of love this song.  Voltaire has just risen in my esteem a bit.

So that’s another one of his classics.  Y’all get the idea.

I’d like to point out here that one of my friends declared “I can’t stand that guy,” when I told him that I was profiling Voltaire.  So that makes me feel a bit better about not being head over heels regarding Voltaire–although that “Riding a Black Unicorn” song is still phenomenal and I love it.

Talking points:

–Macabre-folksy singer-songwriter in a top hat

–Brains!!! (Aka Dragon*Con staple)

One thumb up.  For the black unicorn song.

6 thoughts on “11 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Aurelio Voltaire

  1. Actually, that is his real name not a stage name. And I would recomend you give his older stuff a try. Around 2010 he was doing some “different” stuff that I wasn’t a big on either. For example you might try the song Nearly Human, and When your Evil is even more of a staple then rains

    1. That’s a fancy real name–Voltaire isn’t Cuban last I checked, although I’m sure there’s a story about it I could find if I rooted around the internet long enough. Anyways, thanks for the comment! 9 days!

      1. Yes, Aurelio Voltaire Hernández is a Cuban immigrant. He moved to New Jersey with his family when he was a year old. I absolutely adore both him and his music, so if there’s anything else you’d like to know about him, just ask. I’m an expert. LOL

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. One of my Facebook friends says that she likes Voltaire as a person but she doesn’t dig his music (and that this makes her feel bad!) and I am in general agreement of this statement. Every time I see him give an interview or catch a film clip of him I think he is super interesting, articulate, and intelligent! But I just don’t “get” his music (except the unicorn song which is amazing). I’ll check out what time his panel is and maybe stop by–I bet he’s super entertaining as a speaker, and that sounds like it’d be a great story!

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